Pinot Noir 2013

James Suckling: “@Timatkin @jamiegoode @stockwine …Marlborough is on a roll.”
Pinot Noir 2013 involved 100 of NZ’s top pinot noir producers, and 350 or so international VIP guests for four days of tasting, eating, learning, partying and apparently doing bombs into Wellington harbour!
For the first time the event was split into different “regional” venues and our very own CJ was el presidente of the Marlborough discussion sessions – with the unenviable task of keeping our various speakers on track and on time and red carding anyone who stepped too far out of line!
The highlight for me, was the positive reaction Marlborough Pinot received from the visiting guests. We all know that Marlborough pinot noir is fantastic and delicious but it sometimes gets overlooked in favour of other NZ regions. Perhaps we’ve been a victim of our own success with Sauvignon Blanc? However the comments posted on twitterby some of the World’s most eminent wine experts show that the message is finally getting through…
Matthew Jukes: “the best performing region at #pinot2013…. Marlborough!”
Jason Bryant: “Marlborough is still my favoured Pinot Noir region”
Raymond Chan: “Marlborough region impresses with consistency”
Jamie Goode: “@stockwine @JamesSuckling @Timatkin most of us at Pinot 2013 found some seriously good Marlborough pinots. It’s up there with Central et al”
Tim Atkin: “@stockwine @JamesSuckling I would have to agree with Jamie and Nick here…”

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