Paul Fleming (Negociants UK) and Jonathan Grosenhauser (Momofuku Toronto) enjoying the vintage train ride

Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Conference in Marlborough

“Without an open desire to have a second gulp, Sauvignon Blanc isn’t doing its job properly,” said British wine personality Oz Clarke at the recent InternationalSauvignon Blanc Celebration in Marlborough. Australian commentator Nick Stock adds: “For a category of wine that is often dismissed as a simple one trick pony, largely on the basis of immense international popularity, there is actually a wealth of interest and…
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Putting a smile on peoples’ faces

Yes, they may have been dressed as superheroes, but that is all in a day’s work for “Flatman” and Kelly (aka Spiderman) who have each set up their own charity to make peoples’ lives a little happier, and have combined forces to tour NZ from South to North in an epic charity road trip. Flatman started out post the Christchurch earthquake – originally delivering care…
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