A Vintage Meal

  During vintage  we all work very hard and a good meal is essential to keep you going.  When we are working shifts we work in with local catering company BV Gourmet who provided with delicious nutritious meals and we can simply re-heat and eat for lunch or dinner to keep the crew going.  Of course occasionally we get the opportunity to relax a bit…
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Paul Fleming (Negociants UK) and Jonathan Grosenhauser (Momofuku Toronto) enjoying the vintage train ride

Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Conference in Marlborough

“Without an open desire to have a second gulp, Sauvignon Blanc isn’t doing its job properly,” said British wine personality Oz Clarke at the recent InternationalSauvignon Blanc Celebration in Marlborough. Australian commentator Nick Stock adds: “For a category of wine that is often dismissed as a simple one trick pony, largely on the basis of immense international popularity, there is actually a wealth of interest and…
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renwick pinot BB - Copy

Regional view point – Marlborough

These comments from Clive were published in NZ Winegrower, Oct/Nov 2015. Spring has sprung according to the new season’s asparagus shoots growing in my garden, although the 1st few days of spring have been wet and miserable.  At least the pruning is complete.  The outlook for the upcoming growing season looks challenging with predictions of a cool/variable spring followed by a full on El Nino…
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All set up and ready to go

Nautilus Estate Celebrates 30 Vintages

Last Monday, an intimate group of friends and colleagues joined us at Cazador restaurant in Auckland to celebrate 30 vintages of Nautilus Estate wines. Nautilus is proud to be one of the few Marlborough-based wineries that has remained under the same founding family ownership for 30 vintages. To mark the occasion, we pulled some old vintage wines from our cellar, and worked with Dariush and…
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A Very Special Sauvignon Blanc…

The Nautilus Winemakers Selection Sauvignon Blanc, like the Four Barriques Pinot Noir, is a wine we have made occasionally when we think the vintage quality warrants it.  Previously allocated to the UK market, this wine is for the first time being released here in NZ. The style of this Sauvignon Blanc has always been at the technical forefront of what we are trying to achieve…
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Serious Sauvignon Blanc – Machine vs Hand Pick?

***wine nerd alert*** This post is a bit geeky, but maybe of interest to some of my mates overseas studying for their MW exams. (I know your pain!). So everyone else, feel free to skip this one and head back to the foodie stuff we usually post. I read an interesting piece of research today – which confirmed what we and most other producers in…
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Serious Sauvignon Blanc Winemaking

I had to answer a question from Drinks Business magazine this week about how our Sauvignon Blanc winemaking style has evolved over the years. I thought it might be of interest to some of our international mates and supporters so have posted my reply here… As a regional style, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has undergone some evolution since it emerged in the mid 80’s with changes…
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