View From the Top

  We began making Nautilus Marlborough Chardonnay in 1989 buying grapes from a vineyard in Renwick. The fruit held such promise we bought the vineyard shortly afterward. Despite this early potential, it was undoubtedly a challenging beginning for Chardonnay in our portfolio.  We struggled with inferior clonal selection, high yields and faulty corks – you name it. So in the late 90’s we decided to…
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A Perfect Platter

The expression ‘you eat with your eyes first’ is certainly true when creating the ultimate platter. Our friends at Città share their tips on how to curate a cheese platter feast, together with our perfect wine pairings. 1. Perfect pairings First thing’s first, choose your cheese and wine pairings carefully so the flavours work together in perfect harmony. Luckily in New Zealand, we have artisans…
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Winter’s Bounty

You may associate cold days with rich, heavy food, but Kelly Gibney shows us a brilliant way with winter veges that brings the warmth without the weightiness. The flavoursome richness of this dish plays beautifully with Nautilus Chardonnay. The cauliflower rice ensures it doesn’t feel too too heavy. A great meal to take you from winter through to spring. Serve with whatever vegetables takes your…
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