Putting a smile on peoples’ faces

Yes, they may have been dressed as superheroes, but that is all in a day’s work for “Flatman” and Kelly (aka Spiderman) who have each set up their own charity to make peoples’ lives a little happier, and have combined forces to tour NZ from South to North in an epic charity road trip.

Flatman started out post the Christchurch earthquake – originally delivering care packages to local students, but later broadening out to local businesses and particularly groups of kids. The aim is to brighten their day and distract them from the difficult reality of living in post-quake Christchurch.

Kelly set up the charity Smiledial after learning through tough personal experience how difficult life can be for the families of kids with serious illness or disability. Smiledial aims to put a smile on the faces of parents and siblings by giving them a bit of a break from the tough responsibilities of caring for a very sick child.

These are very genuine, passionate guys doing a great job in their community.

You can check out details of their adventure here https://www.facebook.com/FlatmanSmileDial

Or donate at



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