Nautilus Estate Vintage 2014 by numbers

We picked 1.9 T of experimental first crop Albarino yesterday from our Renwick vineyard today to formally bring the V2014 harvest to a close (we finished the main harvest last week on the 9th).

A few vintage statistics for you:

  • 1639 Tonnes of grapes picked
  • 311 grape samples tested
  • 65 grape receipts issued (individual parcels of grapes)
  • 10,849 baskets of hand pick fruit collected
  • 94.5 Km travelled by the machine harvester
  • Over 400 cellar instructions issued
  • 50 days from fizz to Albarino
  • 17 days to pick all the Sauvignon Blanc
  • 56 mm of rain has fallen since we finished picking Sauvignon (hence the speed of SB pick)
  • 201 vintage meals consumed
  • 533 barrels filled
  • ??? number of beers consumed (sorry no accurate statistics here)
  • 14 weary but very satisfied winery & vineyard staff



CJapril 2014 064 - Copy

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