One little kiwi at the World of Pinot Noir, California

So World Of Pinot Noir (WOPN) was quite the experience for this little kiwi. Normally Clive and Katy get all the fun gigs but this was a case of right place, right time, and with David Strada from NZ Winegrowers working a little magic, and here I am at this amazing event. People here are so passionate about pinot (I’m feeling right at home!) and are loving the Nautilus wines. I guess in a world of Parker pinots it is nice to be showing a wine of elegance and restraint.

Nautilus pinot noir defo had the colour to hang with the cool kids but people commented that we had respected the fruit which they greatly appreciated! I get the feeling the trade would like to love our wine but consumers are still coming round to this style of wine. The tide is turning though – there was one Californian producer who were picking at about 22-23 brix deliberately to make a more elegant style. You couldn’t get near their table. 

At the burgundy tasting all the riper 2009′s were probably the preferred vintage. However the preference late at night talking to sommeliers at the bar showed that they like the 2010′s for their femininity.

My other discovery this trip is Wholefoods. What an awesome grocery shop!! I could quite happily live next door to one of these…

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