Nautilus Pinot & Silere Merino

Last week I had the privilege of attending a 6 course degustation dinner featuring Silere alpine origin merino.  Yes not only do these high country sheep produce remarkable wool but they taste pretty good as well.  Hosted by Silere at Hummingbird Eatery & Bar in Wellington with the very talented Chef Glen Taylor in the kitchen we were in for a treat.  Over the 6…
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PN vertical

Pinot Noir vertical tasting

It’s been a busy day today at Nautilus. CJ’s been invited to attend the launch lunch (try saying that after a couple of vinos) of Silere Merino (did you know Merino sheep are not only great for wool, they are also the tastiest breed of meat?) in a couple of weeks at Hummingbird in Wellington. We’ve just had a glimpse of the menu and it…
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Pinot Palooza Melbourne

I spent last week across the ditch in Melbourne & Sydney talking up all things Nautilus.  The excuse to go was the inaugural ‘Pinot Palooza’ in Melbourne – a Pinot Noir tasting extravaganza hosted by Dam Sims & Ben Edwards. This funky event featured a great sound track, Pinot princesses and roadies as helpers & a ‘rock star’ style guide for all the Pinots featured – is your Pinot David…
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