CJ breaks the bell

Celebrating 200 years…

Nautilus is a wee youngster in wine terms, at 27 years old. Although that makes us quite ancient and wise (sometimes?) on a Marlborough scale, it is just the blink of an eye compared to say the Antinoris, or the Hugels. However, our mates over at Yalumba in the Barossa can trace their history back to founder Samuel Smith, who would have been celebrating his…
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What I actually tasted

Screwcap or Cork?

It is not the first time someone has done this experiment, but tasting the results for myself, blind, are different to reading someone else’s opinion. The other day CJ asked me to come and taste two wines, blind. I didn’t know what the wines were (it was pretty obvious they were pinot noir, but was I looking at finished wines? Samples? Nautilus or Opawa? ours…
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