Taste of Auckland

Taste of Auckland 2013

Claudia serving customers at Taste of Auckland When I got an email from Katy asking if I wanted to go to Taste of Auckland, I was sitting at my desk dreaming about not being at my desk, so I immediately said yes! This was such a good opportunity to represent the brand I love the most at one of the most prestigious Food and Wine…
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Nautilus Pinot & Silere Merino

Last week I had the privilege of attending a 6 course degustation dinner featuring Silere alpine origin merino.  Yes not only do these high country sheep produce remarkable wool but they taste pretty good as well.  Hosted by Silere at Hummingbird Eatery & Bar in Wellington with the very talented Chef Glen Taylor in the kitchen we were in for a treat.  Over the 6…
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PN vertical

Pinot Noir vertical tasting

It’s been a busy day today at Nautilus. CJ’s been invited to attend the launch lunch (try saying that after a couple of vinos) of Silere Merino (did you know Merino sheep are not only great for wool, they are also the tastiest breed of meat?) in a couple of weeks at Hummingbird in Wellington. We’ve just had a glimpse of the menu and it…
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Pinot Palooza Melbourne

I spent last week across the ditch in Melbourne & Sydney talking up all things Nautilus.  The excuse to go was the inaugural ‘Pinot Palooza’ in Melbourne – a Pinot Noir tasting extravaganza hosted by Dam Sims & Ben Edwards. This funky event featured a great sound track, Pinot princesses and roadies as helpers & a ‘rock star’ style guide for all the Pinots featured – is your Pinot David…
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CJ received Spieglau Chardonnay trophy

Trophy for Nautilus Chardonnay

I was delighted to collect the chardonnay trophy for our 2011 Nautilus chardonnay at the Speiglau Wine Competiton on friday night.  From 177 entries the judges (with impeccable taste I must say) found our wine top – interestingly the other 6 gold medals also went to Marlborough chardonnays.  I do think quality chardonnay grown in Marlborough is underated and too often overlooked.  Gone are the…
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UK winemakers tour

I am almost home from a hectic 2 week tour of the UK, with a small group of antipodian winemakers (2 kiwis, 4 aussies) and what a great 2 weeks it has been.  Travelling from Edinburgh to Manchester to London to Bristol then Glasgow, Whitby, Dartmouth and back to London showing off the wines of Nautilus Estate. This was the 1st time we have had…
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Chopper swirls warm air down to mix with colder air sitting underneath

The Frost Chronicles – a winemaker’s perspective

The sight of bud burst at the start of spring is something we all look forward to during the cold long winter here in Marlborough. We can dust off the shorts and start wondering what Mother Nature will bring us this year to work with at the winery. It also happens to be when Mike our viticulturist starts to look a little edgy and is…
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Family of Twelve Masterclasses in Melbourne

The Family of Twelve – Twelve family owned wineries representing a cross section of the best kiwi wines – will be visiting Melbourne for a series of masterclasses on Tuesday 30th October. Nautilus will be represented by the eminent Clive Weston (do not get caught drinking with this man after midnight…) and other family members along for the ride will include Judy Finn of Neudorf,…
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Marlborough Pinot Styles

You all know we are pretty passionate about Pinot Noir here at Nautilus. Especially pinots that come from our beloved Marlborough region. Check out this video of a Family of Twelve masterclass held at the London International Wine Fair earlier this year. The masterclass focused on regional styles of Pinot in NZ and this section shows me giving an overview of the Marlborough wines included…
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UK Winemaker’s Tour September 2012

I always love coming to the UK – my English parents immigrated to New Zealand in the 50’s so our family has a lot of connections there and every time I visit, London feels more familiar and welcoming. NZ and the UK have so much in common (love of fish and chips, rugby, and Olympic rowing success) that trips to the UK are enjoyable rather…
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